How to maintain the chain saw chain

The saw chain runs fast. Taking a 3/8 saw chain as an example, the number of sprocket teeth is 7, and the speed of the saw chain is 15.56 meters per second when the engine speed is 7000 rpm during operation. The driving force of the sprocket and the reaction force during cutting are concentrated on the rivet shaft. The working conditions are bad and the wear is serious. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the saw chain will be scrapped quickly.

Maintenance is carried out from the following aspects:

1. Always pay attention to adding lubricating oil;

2. Maintain the sharpness of the incisor and the symmetry of the left and right incisors;

3. Always adjust the tension of the saw chain, not too tight or too loose. When the adjusted saw chain is lifted up by hand, there is a middle guide tooth that completely exposes the guide plate groove;

4. Clean up and clean the dirt of the guide plate groove and saw chain in time, because the guide plate and the saw chain will be worn during sawing, and the worn iron filings and fine sand will accelerate the wear and tear, and the glue on the tree, especially the grease on the pine tree. , During the sawing process, the heat melts and adheres to the saw chain, so that each joint is sealed and hardened, and the oil cannot enter, cannot be lubricated, and will also accelerate wear. It is recommended that after daily use, the saw chain should be removed and washed in kerosene.