What should I do if the chain saw chain is always loose?

First, first check whether the chain is stretched due to long use time. If so, you need to cut the chain buckle or replace the chain.

Second, see if the chain is not installed properly, loosen the guide plate screw caps a little, just press it on, then adjust the screws on the upper side of the brake, the tightness can adjust the tightness of the chain, generally adjusted to a It is enough to pull up five or six teeth of the chain vertically, and then tighten the guide wire cap.

Third, the method of tightening the chain of the chain saw: first turn off the flame, look behind the engine rotating shaft of the chain saw, loosen the fixing screw of the transmission bearing, and there is a regulating valve between the chain and the bearing, which can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Tighten the screws properly after tightening them, and then remember to close the cover. It is best to hire a professional to fix it.